Gallant Government Covering Up Damaging ATCON Details?

Press Release - Official Opposition, Fredericton-The Telegraph Journal is reporting today the Gallant government is refusing to fund the forensic audit currently being pursued by Auditor General Kim MacPherson.

Rothesay MLA and Official Opposition critic Hugh J. Flemming wonders if the Gallant is trying to cover-up damaging information the Auditor General will find in the forensic audit.

“No one knows where $50 million of New Brunswick taxpayer’s money went,” said Mr. Flemming. “We know the previous Liberal government, including then Finance Minister Victor Boudreau, gave the Bank of Nova Scotia $50 million to cover a loan guarantee but we’ve never been told where ATCON spent the $50 million it was originally given.

“We have seen a disturbing trend with the Gallant government to try and shut down any criticism either by firing high profile employees, blocking budgets for Legislative officers or limiting debate in the Legislative Assembly,” stated Mr. Flemming.

“It’s ironic the original request from the Legislature for the Auditor General to examine the ATCON affair received unanimous approval but after an initial report recommending a further forensic audit to discover the truth of where the $50 million was spent, the Gallant government has repeatedly tried to hamper the Auditor General’s work."

The Gallant government includes six ministers who approved the dubious ATCON spending despite being told 11 times by public servants not to go ahead with the loan guarantee. Former Finance Minister Boudreau has never explained why he caused further damage to the New Brunswick treasury by giving the Bank of Nova Scotia first priority security position over assets while knowing the ATCON Group of Companies had debts of more than $93 million and had been removed from the Deh Cho Bridge project in the Northwest Territories, costing New Brunswickers a further $13.5 million.

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